Why Are You So Busy?!

One question we've gotten asked a lot lately is why it takes so long to get an appointment slot. Prior to 2020, we usually could book appointments within a week or less of scheduling, but since everything went crazy, we've been scheduling out 2-4 weeks at nearly all times.

The infographic below explains why things have been so backlogged since COVID-19 upended the whole world. Even with the transition from curbside back to in person visits, we've been chronically playing catch up and dealing with more cases than we can reasonably see. 

Our number one priority is always ensuring that every single patient we see receives our full attention and the best care we can offer, and the only way we can do that is to limit the number of cases per day before we get spread too thin. We appreciate your patience and understanding through these continued difficult times! 

Why is my vet so busy