Puppy Vaccine Schedule

This is the health care we recommend for a new puppy through the first 6 months of his or her life. 

Vaccinations – your puppy will need a series of vaccines every 3-4 weeks up to or past 16-20 weeks of age. These vaccines are given in a series to help boost their immune system to protect against common diseases. We will start this series today and below are the dates that he/she will need to come back.


DHPP – this vaccine is to protect your puppy from Distemper / Hepatitis / Parainfluenza / Parvo Virus.


Leptospirosis – this vaccine is to protect your puppy from Leptospirosis virus. This is a virus that is tansmitted through the urine of infected animals (other dogs and wildlife). This is also a zoonotic disease and can be transmitted to humans through canine urine. We will give this vaccine during the last two DHPP vaccine visits.

Lyme – this vaccine is to protect your puppy from Lyme disease. We recommend this vaccine since Deer Ticks are present in this area.

Rabies Vaccine – this vaccine is given when your puppy at least 12 weeks old. The first year we always give a 1 year vaccine, and the next year, he/she can receive a 3 year Rabies vaccine.


Bordetella – this vaccine is to protect your puppy from what is called “Kennel Cough”. This is recommended if you plan on enrolling your puppy in obedience classes, going to a professional groomer, boarding kennels or dog shows, and should be given at least 3-7 days prior to exposure when necessary.


Canine Influenza – this vaccine protects against two canine flu strains: H3N2 and H3N8. This is also recommended if your puppy will be around other dogs, such as at boarding, grooming, or puppy classes. It requires an initial vaccine, then a booster in 2-4 weeks. The second booster should be given 2 weeks prior to exposure.


Pyrantel – this medication is a dewormer. This is given to all puppies during their first few appointments. Most puppies are born with intestinal parasites, usually transmitted from their mother. You may see worms passed through the feces or possibly vomit after this medication is given.


Heartworm Preventive – This medication is given to prevent your puppy from contracting Heartworm Disease and some intestinal parasites. Heartworms are transmitted through mosquitoes and if untreated, can be fatal. Heartworm disease is mainly transmitted during months when mosquitoes are present. However, due to variable weather in Michigan, year round preventative is recommended. Intestinal parasites can be transmitted year round. This is a once-a-month medication. Your veterinarian will discuss with you which type would be best for your puppy.


Spay / Neuter – This can be performed at 4-6 months of age or older.


Microchip – This is a small microchip that is placed under the skin that will help your pet be returned to you in the event that he/she gets lost. This is usually done at the time of the spay/neuter, but can be done at any time.