Kitten Vaccine Schedule

This is an outline of the healthcare that we recommend for your kittens in their first six months. 

Vaccinations – your Kitten will need a series of vaccines every 3-4 weeks up to or past 16 weeks of age. These vaccines are given in a series to help boost their immune system to protect against common diseases and viruses. We will start this series today and below are the dates that he/she will need to come back.

 FVRCP – this vaccine is to protect your kitten from Rhinotracheitis / Calici Virus / Panleukopenia. This vaccine is often referred to as the “distemper” vaccine


Feline Leukemia – this vaccine is designed to protect your kitten from the Leukemia virus. This virus is transmitted mainly by contact with an infected cat. This vaccine is given to all cats that will be going outdoors or exposed to unvaccinated cats. Theoretically, cats that are kept indoors and have no contact with other cats do not need to be vaccinated for Feline Leukemia. We will give this vaccine during the last two FVRCP vaccine visits.

Rabies Vaccine – this vaccine is given when your kitten at least 12 weeks old. The first year we always give a 1 year vaccine, thereafter he/she will receive a 3 year Rabies vaccine.

 Feline Leukemia and FIV testing – these tests are usually done at a young age to ensure that you have a healthy kitten. We also recommend testing: any newly adopted cats regardless of age, cats that have gotten into fights with other cats, and sometimes cats that are ill.


Pyrantel – this medication is called a Dewormer. This is given to all kittens during their first few appointments. Most kittens are born with intestinal parasites, usually transmitted from their mother. You may see worms passed through the feces or possibly vomit after this medication is given. This is completely normal.


Heartworm Preventative – This medication is given to prevent your kitten from Heartworm Disease. Heartworms are transmitted through mosquitoes and if untreated, can be fatal. This is a once-a-month medication. We recommend you give this year round, as it does protect your kitten from intestinal parasites also. Your Veterinarian will discuss with you which type would be best for your kitten.


Spay / Neuter – This can be performed at 4-6 months of age or older.


Microchip – This is a small microchip that is placed under the skin that will help your pet be returned to you in the event that he/she gets lost. This is usually done at the time of the spay/neuter, but can be done at any time.