Dental Information

Just like people, pets can experience dental disease and discomfort. Unlike us, however, pets often hide the signs of a problem until it becomes severe. At all our annual appointments, our doctors make a point of examining the teeth and gums to look for dental problems that may be brewing. As your pet ages, professional dental cleanings may be necessary to keep the teeth and gums healthy. Below are some handouts with information about dental health. Please contact our office if you have any questions - we'd love to talk teeth with you! 

Pet Dental Care Handout

Five Signs of Dental Pain in Pets

How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth

How to Brush Your Cat's Teeth

Your Dog's Mouth and Teeth

Your Cat's Mouth and Teeth

What Does Bad Breath Really Mean? 

A Day at the Dentist: Find out what happens when your pet comes in for a professional dental cleaning at Kalamazoo Animal Hospital! 

Stages of Oral Disease