May 22, 2020

We received news we had been waiting for: Michigan will be lifting the restrictions on veterinarians that meant we could only perform essential services! We are officially able to perform our full range of services without any limitations starting on May 29

It is still our plan to continue curbside service at least through June. From a human health standpoint, we feel it is safer to limit the number of people in the building for the time being. Delaying reopening our building will also give us time to make some modifications to our public spaces that will make it even safer when we are able to welcome clients back into the building.

Over the coming months, we humbly request your patience as we get caught back up. Sick pets will remain our priority for appointment scheduling and we recommend that you plan to schedule wellness services 2-3 weeks in advance likely throughout this summer. If we can get a wellness visit in sooner, we absolutely will, but we do not want to have to turn away sick or injured pets while we catch up on routine care that has been postponed over the last couple of months. 

If you are already on our waiting list, we will be reaching out soon to get your requested appointment scheduled after the 29th. For surgeries and procedures, it will likely be the end of next week before we reach out - we need to take a bit of time to organize the procedures in a way that allows us to accomplish them as quickly as possible while still ensuring that patient care is top notch. Until we have our surgery schedule organized, if you call for a surgery appointment we will be taking your information down and calling back with an appointment time as soon as we can. 

 We look forward to practicing restriction-free in just over a week. Please call us at 269-381-1570 with any questions and we will be in touch with any additional updates as they happen.